Thai women can be amazingly exotic. Here, We stated it.

Thai women can be amazingly exotic. Here, We stated it.

And, despite the fact that we mostly dated white and Latin girls, certainly one of my very first trips abroad would be to Thailand back 2004. Through that trip, we came across a Thai that is wonderful girl we finished up vacationing with round the nation for a little.

We visited the southern islands, headed as much as Chiang Mai and wrapped up our trip in Bangkok.

Comparing to Western ladies that I happened to be dating during those times (it was before my Latin American activities), this Thai girl had been an absolute breathing of fresh atmosphere.

This really is a visitor article from a single of my close friends Jake whom we came across in Chiang Mai back 2016. Jake really loves Thai females and has now been constantly staying in Thailand since 2013.

Go on it away, Jake.

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Even though the western has been overrun with radical feminism and met motions, Thailand continues to be securely an extremely society that is traditional with fairly submissive ladies. In my opinion that Thai females are probably the most women that are submissive the earth. Maybe they’re like Vietnamese and Cambodian ladies who are additionally very submissive. (But I’ve yet to see those nations, thus I can’t talk for them.)

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