Meet Clinger The Adult Child Whom Pushes Our Sympathy Button

Meet Clinger The Adult Child Whom Pushes Our Sympathy Button

Meet Clinger. Clinger never ever did well in college, never ever had friends that are many and, as a whole, simply doesn’t understand how to cope and work out it in life. He’s maybe not particularly difficult to live with. He’s just incredibly reliant during the chronilogical age of 22.

Clinger’s moms and dads respond to the Sympathy PIN because they believe Clinger doesn’t have actually the intellect or capability to reside individually. His moms and dads are terrified of exactly what would happen to Clinger in the real-world, which also engages their Fear PIN.

Clinger, unlike the others we’ve described, is indeed reliant that he doesn’t even really understand how to work the Parent ATM. Alternatively, his moms and dads, away from symathy, work it for him.

Meet TNT The Adult Youngster Who Pushes Our Intimidation Button

Meet TNT. TNT is in their twenties and has never moved away from his moms and dads’ house. As an oppositional and defiant teenager, TNT attacks his moms and dads every single day with the Intimidation PIN. He yells, breaks things, raises his fist, and is verbally abusive. His parents have had to phone law enforcement a few times, but because he never ever really crossed the line into physical violence, no costs had been ever filed.

Even though TNT is definitely an adult, he uses intimidation and anger to get their parents doing what he wishes. His parents walk on eggshells around him inside their own home and worry that TNT will one day be violent with them.بیشتر بخوانید