Just how to determine if a lady Likes You

Just how to determine if a lady Likes You

Thank you for your concern.

Either you didn’t watch the movie I posted with this web page or didn’t take notice. Reminder: It does not make a difference whether or otherwise not she “likes” you or if this woman is timid. So what does matter? Watch the movie to understand the clear answer.

I love a lady elder then me…she always asked me about my ex gf..asking me did i talked to her

Dont know why I was asked by her this..she is in contact wiyh y ex gf

She understands that i like her eyes aa my gf told her that i praise abt her eyes..she has attempts to have eye contacy i am shy i couldnt but now I did so evaluating her eyea after dew second her eyes moved and return to same attention contact .what beside me but i must do ow I am going to know she actually is interested me .?بیشتر بخوانید